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Telegraph Fantasy Football 2016/17

Telegraph 2016/17 Fantasy Fooball


The Telegraph Fantasy Football 2016/17 competition has one of the best prize structures and despite previously being a pay only game, it has one of the largest followings of any of the EPL Fantasy Football games.

There's a big total prize fund with a 50,000 first prize for the premium game, and the free game has a first prize of 5,000.

We'd like to win the League of Leagues and we'd like you to be part of that by making our UK Fantasy Football your Telegraph Fantasy Football Private Super League of choice.

It's now 23 years of Telegraph Fantasy Football, the first team this season is free of charge. Telegraph Fantasy Football Game has a 30,000 top prize.

Go to Telegraph 2016/17 Fantasy Football and join our mini league:-

Our league name is: UKFantasyFootball Info
Our league PIN is: 8115543

This year our league is free.

Telegraph Fantasy Football - TFF
Game Overview
There's lots of cash prizes and 50,000 for the overall winner, and runner up prizes for the top twenty teams. There's prizes for Golden Boot, Manager of the Month, Manager of the Week, Best Private Superleague and lots of other prizes (see the Telegraph Fantasy Football website for more details)

The Telegraph Fantasy Football Game (TFF)

Use your 50m budget to buy eleven players in any one of the six formations.

These players then score points based on their performances in Premier League and FA Cup matches throughout the 2016/17 season. Your goal is to finish as high up the league table as possible by scoring the highest number of fantasy football points.

Points arew awarded for appearances, scoring goals, creating goals and keeping clean sheets. Points are deducted for yellow and red cards and for conceding goals.

You can make unlimited transfers right up until the first matches kick off at 3pm on Saturday, August 8th 2015. Then there are 30 transfers to use during the season, with a maximum of five transfers during any game week.

Our league name is: UK Fantasy Football
Our password PIN is: 8115543

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