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Best Squad Player Tips for 2013/14 English Premier League Fantasy Football

NEWS: Best Squad and Player Tips for the EPL 2013/14 Fantasy Football Season. Over the next few weeks we'll publish our analysis and strategy ideas for the 2013/14 Fantasy Football season. Here's the deal... if you use the tips we'd like you to enter one of our mini leagues. You could easily win 100 for your troubles with our Free to Enter 100 Fantasy Football Mini League Challenge (If you don't we won't be checking.... but if you do there may be a spot prize or 2)

If you use our tips please take our challenge!!


We are selecting players at the beginning of the UK's English Premier League 2013/14 Fantasy Football season, for one of our teams we're entering into the EPL 2013/14 Fantasy Football games we're featuring.

As we're getting so many hits from people wanting player tips, we thought we'd share some of the players we are considering for this weeks teams.

Watch this space for our updated thoughts in the coming weeks.... we're adding them one by one as the fantasy football season progresses. Most weeks you get expect to see this page change twice weekly. The first update is performance based with selections made reviewing the previous weeks score and likely trends, combined with our view on how the next 3 fixtures will support the selected player. The second update is based on any new news - usually injuries, transfers and likely team selections.

For the most up to date tips as we approach week 4, CLICK THRU and LIKE our UKFantasyFootball Facebook Page, this will ensure you get the best tips as they come out!

In fantasy football one swallow doesn't make a summer / One shower doesn't make a storm. But as we approach week 5 the patterns have started to form.

Remember players can only score if they play! Watch high value players who may not start..... and always check just before the deadlines for Injury.

No time to consider those we got wrong, lets get straight down to business....

It's vitally important to check your final team for injuries.

In the games that allow more than one team entry for free (Metro etc) make your sure you take advantage, and go for some blue sky thinking in your alternative teams. If you can select a player who's a less popular choice, but has a lucky break, you'll get ahead of the pack. That's the route to a big cash prize!

Week 5 Suggested players -

The biggest risk as we approach Fantasy Football Game Week 5 is injury. With 59+ players listed on our Injury Table, inevitably there's some big players in there that may well be on your team. Liverpool are particularly hit with Coutinho, Agger snd Johnson all with long return dates, and Arsenal is also a worry with seven injured including Corzola, Arteta and Oxlade-Chamberlain with long return dates listed. Benteke and Giroud are top performing forwards, if you have RVP, consider switching to Benteke (or Giroud dependinding on his injury recovery).

Frazier Campbell is really well priced and looks to be the new Michu in terms of consistently high scoring at a good price.

Seamus Coleman is a good value defender currently on form. A fifth of Fantasy Managers have selected him.

Rickie Lambert (High number of appearances, high goals, good value price. A player who at the age of 31 is improving like a good wine. Despite a long football career it was his first Premier League season last year and he was arguably at his best. We think this season will build on that. And it seems Roy Hodgson might agree with us!)

Giroud is still a reasonable price and is doing well in the new bonus points. He plays lots of minutes, and has scored.

***Hernandez is injured*** so we're looking at Snodgrass as our choice of a good value high performing midfielder

***Agger is Injured*** (Liverpool have an excellent track record in defence so far this season, Agger will play almost every available minute of every game, high number of clean sheets this season and last)

Zabaleta (He's on form, and his team will certainly find their form in the next 3 gameweeks)

Yaya Toure (expensive but delivering, the next few games are likely to favour his style of play)

Mignolet (No matter who your keeper is we think Mignolet will end up a far higher score, he's so far the highest scoring player for many fantasy football formats)


* injured

To stand a much better chance of winning a really good prize, consider signing up for a free Fantasy Football game with any that are new this year, as they haven't got last years fan base, so fewer entrants. A good starting point is Jacamo Fantasy Football - Our Mini League is 'UKFantasyFootball' , Password is 'footy'.

More to follow in minutes - check back soon!

Whatever team you end up with, check out all the EPL 2013/14 Fantasy Football Games, join our mini leagues and enter our 2013/14 Fantasy Football Challenge:-

Tell us who you think we've missed, and who would you include instead?

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