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Barclays Premier League Fantasy Football 2016/17 - The FPL

Barclays Premier League Fantasy Fooball


The Barclays Premier League Fantasy Football Game is the Official Fantasy Game of the Premier League.

With a cult following of at least 2 Million fans, to many this is THE Fantasy Football game.

With a new design for the website, and new features for the 2016/17 FPL season, this game is now live for team entry.

Code to join this league: 785647-212259

Go to Barclays Premier League Fantasy Football (the UKFantasyFootball Mini League is open to new entries)

The Game

You have £100 million to spend on a squad of 15 players, with no more than 3 players from any single Premier League team. You're only allowed to enter one squad in this game.

Your squad will consist of :-
•Two Goalkeepers
•Five Defenders
•Five Midfielders
•Three Forwards

Select 11 players from your 15 to be your team. The remaining 4 will be on the sub bench. If one of your 11 players doesn't play in a given week, they'll be automatically substituted from the bench. You can set the priority order for your subs.

Up to the first game of the season, you can make unlimited transfers. Once the first deadline is passed, you can only transfer one player per week for free, more than one costs you a penalty of 4 points per additional player.

You have two "Wildcards" to play during the fantasy football season, i.e weeks where you can make unlimited changes to your fantasy football team with no point penalty.

The prices of individual players will vary as the game progresses depending on player popularity.

All tranfers need to be completed by the weekly deadline. This varies depending on games, details can be found HERE


• 6 points - each goal scored by a defender or goalkeeper
• 5 points - each goal scored by a midfielder
• 5 points - each penalty save
• 4 points - each goal scored by a forward
• 4 points - a clean sheet for a defender or goalkeeper
• 3 points - each goal assist
• 2 points - for playing 60 minutes or more
• 1 point - playing up to 60 minutes
• 1 point - for every 3 shot saves by a goal keeper
• 1 point - for a clean sheet for a midfielder
• -1 point - for every goal conceded by a defender of goalkeeper
• -1 point - for each yellow card
• -2 points - for each penalty miss
• -2 points - for each own goal
• -3 points - for a red card

**New for 2013 Bonus Points**

A new Bonus Points System (called BPS) has been introduced which uses a variety of measures to calculate the BPS score for every player, then the top three performing players in each match will be awarded these bonus points. 3 points for highest scoring player, 2 to second and 1 to third.

Private Leagues

You can set up private leagues and join up to 15 seperate private leagues.

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