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UK Fantasy Football Challenge 2015/16 Season

Fantasy Fooball

Free to Enter Contest with Prize

SO....... you reckon you're a good Fantasy Football Manager?

Just for fun, we're putting up a prize in our Fantasy Football Challenge competition for the 2015/16 Fantasy Football season.

You enter by being in one of our Fantasy Football Mini Leagues and telling the World about our site, then submitting our entry form before week 1. (See detailed rules lower down)

*** You have to be in it to win it! You have to follow the rules below, you can't pitch up near the end hoping for the prize! Join before week 1 and tell the world via social media.

The prize fund will be built from advertising revenue from the site. When you want to buy anything online, do it through the links on our prize builder page - we get a small reward when you click through and buy, this helps build the pot for prizes.

The winner will be the person who gets to the best percentage position overall in any of the free Fantasy Football games we've got mini leagues in. As an example if the Barclays Premier League Fantasy Football Game had 10 million people playing, and PLAYER A finished at position 500,000 they'd have finished at top 5%. If the Metro Game had 5 million players, and PLAYER B finished the season at position 300,000, they'd have finished at top 6%. So in our competition PLAYER A would win because as a percentage of overall entrants they came higher.

We'll aim to provide a weekly commentary here.

The Full Rules

1. There's no entry fee. This isn't gambling, it's completely FREE to play.

2. Your winning team has to be in at least one of the mini leagues on this site by game week 1. (See the mini league page or look below)

3. You have to tell the world by posting the UK Fantasy Football link to your Facebook profile, with the text similar :- I'm in the UK Fantasy Football Challenge, are you? - but use your imagination.... Tag us in the post too please!

Alternatively you can share and like one of our links or pictures we've posted at

4. If you have access to a website, you should also post a link on there by using the code at the bottom of this page.(bonus prize if you win)

5. You can also post our link on any Fantasy Football related forums, message boards or newsgroups you're involved with (bonus prize if you win)

6. This is intended purely as fun, no contract exists as a result of this competition.

7. If you're not already, you need to be a member of our Facebook page - just "like".

8. Then on our Facebook page shout out that you've entered the contest ("I've entered the contest" is good enough, but be creative!)

9. Confirm you've done the above by sending an email to

10. You won't be entitled to a prize if I haven't complied with these rules by kick off on August 8th 2015.

11. The prize will be determined by revenue generated by our Prize Builder Page. It's not compulsory but visit the page regularly if you're shopping online and use those links to build the prize fund.

UK Fantasy Football Mini Leagues

Join any of these mini leagues for free and you could win our challenge!

UK Fantasy Football Mini Leagues 2015/16 Season

Official Premier League Fantasy Football - Code to join our league: 770691-190171

Telegraph Fantasy Football - League PIN: 8093319 ***With League Prize Pot***

Daily Mail Fantasy Football - League Name: UKFantasyFootball.Info
League password: footy

Sky Sports Fantasy Football - League PIN: 8130403

Code to paste into websites:-

tumblr visitor


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