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TalkSport Predictor - I Know the Score

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TalkSport Predictor - I Know the Score!


Whilst it's not strictly Fantasy Football, TalkSport Predictor - I Know the Score game is free to enter, has mini-leagues, is based on the Premier League, and has great prizes.

The principle of the game is beautifully simple; every week you predict the scores for the Premier League Football Matches.

Prizes for the TalkSport Predictor - I Know the Score game include signed artwork, an Ipad, a years supply of music and more. Monthly prizes keep this game fresh through the whole football season.

Playing the Game and Scoring

You simply enter you predicted scores for the game week's matches. You also have two chips to place on the games.

The 'Banker' chip doubles or trebles your points, so is usually placed on your most confident score.

The 'Insurance' chip stops you getting negative points on a result you got horribly wrong, so is usually placed on your least confident result.

The Scoring system is pretty straightforward:-

30 Points - completely correct scores.
20 points - If you predicted a draw correctly, but got the score wrong (E.g you prected a 2-2 draw, but it the result was a 0-0 draw).
15 points - Right outcome, right goal difference but wrong score.
10 points - Right outcome, wrong goal difference and score.
minus 10 points wrong outcome
Banker bonus is awarded when you place your banker chip on a game and get the outcome right, and is double points if the one of the match teams finished in the top 4 places in the Premier League the previous week, otherwise it's treble points.

There's a full explanation on the TalkSport Predictor website.

Join our mini league 'UKFantasyFootball.Info' using the code FD1B9-WTN

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