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Fantasy Football Tips for Beginners

Things to Consider First
Look at your total budget and divide the number of players you need to pick, to work out the average player price. This will help you choose the right value players. You can still have well above average price players, but you'll need to balance them with below average price players.

Before you even begin selecting your teams, take a good look at the scoring system for the game you're playing to see where the biggest bang for your buck is.

At UKFantasyFootball.Info we list the point scoring rules highest to lowest to make it easy for you.

Look at the two extremes first. What scores you the most points, and what loses you points.

Then look at how many points you can get just for an appearance.

Now choose your players but here's some more tips to consider:-

Watch the Rotation
In the cash rich big clubs, they have more star players than team places, and rotate their top stars to keep them fresh. Additionally some star players only ever play short appearances, coming on as a sub late in the game if needed. Some very expensive players will be victims of the rotation and not score points for you well. Look at some of players in the less rich clubs who can't afford lots of extra players. Their teams will be pretty much only influenced by injury, and their best players have to perform constantly.

Who Takes the Penalties?
Find out who takes the penalties. A penalty is a goal, so penalty takers will score well during the season. And they generally score well for appearances too; woud you leave your star penalty taker out of the squad or put him on the bench?

Who's Injured or Suspended?
If they're not playing they can't score any points. We've provided a live injury table to help you ensure you don't end up paying for players that don't even start,

Which team is bottom of the table? - make weekly player and captain adjustments with their opposition.


Look for forwards who played most games last year, and had a fair to good goal scoring record.


Go for players who had a high number of appearances and clean sheets

Try to pick at least one goal scoring defender.


You need to look at number of appearances and clean sheets, as well as goals scores.

Goal keepers

Number appearances and clean sheets, in addition to goals conceded.

To will notice that all of the above relies on statistics. We'll be adding a page on Fantasy Football statistics sources.

We'll also show our picks for the 2013/14 Fantasy Football season during the next week.


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