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UK Fantasy Football 2013/14

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Fantasy Fooball Welcome to UK Fantasy Football Info. The EPL 2013/14 season is almost here, and many of the English Premier League 2013/14 Fantasy Football games are now live.

We've set up Mini Leagues in Official Barclays Premier League Fantasy Football, Daily Mail Fantasy Football, Sky Sports Fantasy Football, Daily Mirror Fantasy Football, Metro Fantasy Football, Telegraph Fantasy Football and more.


Once again we've helped makes thing fun by putting up a 100 prize for our Mini League Challenge*. We'd appreciate a Facebook like for that!

The UK is the home of the best football in the world, so it's unsurprising that it's also home to some of the worlds best Fantasy Football. Every season hundreds of thousands of Fantasy Football managers pit their wits against each other to carefully select the players who will score the highest each week.

There are many online free and paid games, with really big money prizes even for the free games.

UK Fantasy Football Mini Leagues

Join any of these mini leagues for free and you could win our 100 challenge!

Join our Official Barclays Premier League Fantasy Football - Private League Name: UK Fantasy Football, Private League CODE: 353323-91322

Join our Daily Mirror Fantasy Football - Private League Name: UKFantasyFootballInfo
, Private League PIN:8000772

Join our Daily Mail Fantasy Football - Mini League Name: UKFantasyFootballInfo PIN: 8000137

Join our Sun DreamTeamFC Minileague - Mini League Name: UKFantasyFootball PIN: 8000407 and the password is 'footy'.

Join our Metro Fantasy Football League called UKFantasyFootball - Private League Number: 150621

Join our Daily Telegraph Football League called UK Fantasy Football - Private League PIN: 8001993

Join our Sky Sports Fantasy Football Mini League:- Private League Name: UKFantasyFootballinfo Private League PIN: 8030942

Join our Championship Fantasy Football League - PIN: 5965356 League name: UKFantasyFootball

Join our Daily Star Fantasy Football League - MiniLeague Name: UKFantasyFootball League passwood: footy

Join our Jacamo Fantasy Football League - MiniLeague Name: UKFantasyFootball League passwood: footy

Fantasy Football Tips

Tips and facts to help you choose your team - updated daily!

Chelsea and Villa have no games in Week 3.

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For more tips go to our Fantasy Football Tips page.

The aim of this website is to give you information about all the best free and not so free UK fantasy football games, point you towards the best information to select your team, and provide a Facebook community for active debate. The main focus right now is the up and coming Premier League season which starts on August 18th 2012.

Which are the Best Free to Enter Fantasy Football Games?

The links in the menu on the left list all the best free to play games, and some are already live for the 2013/14 Fantasy Football Season.

The prize funds for all these games is fairly significant you can still win enough to pay off your mortgage without spending a penny.

UK Fantasy Football on Facebook - When you join our leagues, post your team name here!

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