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Week 3 Update

As we enter Week 3........

Welcome to our first update since the start of the 2013/14 Fantasy Football season. In the Fantasy Premier League game, the new bonus point system seems to be working well. In our FPL Mini League called 'UK Fantasy Football' we've had a great turn out with 1,215 players.

Top of this mini league at the end of week 2 is Paolo Nardi's team 'Paulinho'.

Paulinho are in position 847 out of nearly 3 million players overall in the FPL, so are around the top 0.03% which we think is really impressive.

A quick glance at the Week 2 team shows that the differential played by team Paulinho was Cardiff's Fraizer Campbell, who's already scored 18 points this season.

With a current price of 5.6, Fraizer Campbell is certainly worth a punt.

In the Sun Dream Team 2013/14 our mini league is called 'UK FantasyFootball' and we have 304 players. Top of our mini league is Mark Jones' team 'whittington flyers2013' with 149 points. The 'whittington flyers2013' differential appears to be Tottenham's Left Back Danny Rose with 22points.

In the Sun's League of Leagues we're at position 467 so some work to do.

In the Daily Mail Game we have 128 entrants in our mini league 'UKFantasyFootballInfo', and top spot is Tony Broughton's 'Bournemouth bells'

More on the other leagues in next week's update, but finally in the Jacamo Fantasy Football Game, our mini league 'UKFantasyFootball' is in second place in the Jacamo League of Leagues. Top of our league is Jacamoley XI, with their biggest point scorer being Benteke.

The Jacamo game has some really good prizes but only around 2000 entrants so although 2 weeks have gone, we recommend you get a team in as the odds of winning a good prize are higher than the other games.

RichDavies Fantasy Football

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