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Daily Star Fantasy Football


This year Daily Star Fantasy Football for 2013/14 now has the first team free, and it's one of the most popular UK Fantasy Football games.

The Daily Star game prizes are pretty good and we do like the 1000 monthly prize!

By popular demand, here's our Daily Star Fantasy Football Mini League:- League Name: UKFantasyFootball Password: footy

Prizes are :-
End of Season Prizes
1st Place - 20,000 Cash
2nd Place - 4,000 Cash
3rd Place - 2,000 Cash
4th Place - 1,000 Cash
5th Place - 750- Cash
6th Place - 500 Cash
7th Place - 400 Cash
8th Place - 200 Cash
9th Place - 100 Cash
10th Place - 100 Cash
11th to 20th Place - 50 Cash
21st to 40th Place 20 Cash

Monthly Prizes
8 monthly prizes of 1,000

The Game

You have 100 million to spend on a squad of 11 players.

You need to play 4-3-3.

You don't have any subs.

First team is currently free, and you can enter as many teams as you like for 5 per team.

You get 24 transfers during the season.


The Daily Star Fantasy Football scoring system is as follows:-

10 points - Goal scored by Goal Keeper or Defender
8 points - Goal scored by Midfielder *
5 points - Goal scored by Striker
5 points - Penalty Save
5 points - Clean sheet for Goal Keeper or Defender
3 points - Player starts match
3 points - Goal assist
2 points - Partial clean sheet for Goal Keeper or Defender
-1 point - Goal conceded by Goal Keeper or Defender
-2 points - Yellow Card
-5 points - Red Card

* We note the points for a goal scored by a midfielder in the Daily Star Football Game has increased to 8 from 7 previously.

In the Daily Star Fantasy Football game, it's worth noting that both Premier League and FA Cup games are valid. In FA Cup games, only goals within the 90 minutes are included. Extra time and penalties don't count.

Private Leagues

You can create and join mini leagues.

Join our Mini League :-

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