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Commuters in 50 UK cities pick up a free copy of Metro as they travel to work in the morning.

The Metro Euro 2012 Fantasy Football Game is a very well thought out and well designed games which you can enter free, with some great cash prizes.

The 2013/14 prizes from Metro are £7,500 for the overall winner, with a runner up prize of £1,500 and £1,000 for third place.

Ten Manager of the Month Prizes of £1000 will be awarded to the best performing player of each game month

Go to Metro 2013/14 Fantasy Football and join our mini league, the PIN is 150621 - UKFantasyFootball.

The Game

You have £100 million to spend on a squad of 15 players, with no more than 4 players from any single Premier League team. You can enter upto 5 squads in this game.

Each squad will consist of :-
•Two Goalkeepers
•Five Defenders
•Five Midfielders
•Three Forwards

Select 11 players from your 15 to be your team. The remaining 4 will be on the sub bench. If one of your 11 players doesn't play in a given week, the Metro game has introduced a new automatic substitution system to help your management decisions.

Until the first game of the season you're able to unlimited transfers without incurring a points penalty. Once the first deadline is passed, you can transfer one player per week for free, but more will cost you a point penalty of 25 points per player transfered.

There are two "transfer windows" when you can make up to 6 free tranfers without losing points. These are are around August 31st and January 31st.


• 50 points - Goal scored by a Goalkeeper
• 40 points - Goal scored by a Defender
• 25 points - Goal scored by a Midfielder or a Striker
• 25 points - Hat trick bonus
• 25 points - Penalty Save (only applied to penalty shots that are on target)
• 15 points - Named in the starting eleven
• 10 points - Goal Assist
• 5 points -Brought on as sub
• 5 points - Shot on target
• 2 points - Tackle won
• 2 points - Blocked shot
• 2 points - Clearance
• 2 points -Interception
• 2 points - Save
• 2 points - Clean Sheet by a goalkeeper for each 10 minutes played
• 1 Point - Clean Sheet by a defender for each 10 minutes played
• 1 point - Each pass completed in the final third
• 1 point - Each complete 10 minutes played
• -5 points - Handball
• -5 points - Conceded goal by a defender
• -10 points - Conceded goal by a goalkeeper
• -10 Yellow card
• -10 points - Penalty miss (not a save)
• -15 points - 2nd Yellow card (and subsequent red card)
• -25 Straight red card
• -25 points - Own Goal

Private Leagues

You can set up private leagues and join many private leagues.

Join our private league :- UKFantasyFootball created at 2013/14 Fantasy Football league number 150621.

Our private league for the Metro Euro 2012 Fantasy Football game is currently recruiting using the Fantasy Football Mini League code 54201.

Come and join these teams:-

CULVERWoooLF, WOYSBOYS,Obese City, Eoro Trash, Crazees, Intelligent my RRRs

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