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Jacamo Fantasy Football 2013/14

Jacamo 2013/14 Fantasy Football


Jacamo is dedicated to providing big name brands in a big range of sizes; hassle free.

Jacamo Fantasy Football is a well thought out game with a terrific prize structure, and one we'd highly recommend.

It differs from the other Fantasy Football games in two clear areas.

Firstly, you get a more generous player budget, meaning you should may be able to select your dream team (with cheap reserves) without too much cash constraint.

The second difference is that you get to choose your stadium which earns you money based on real gate numbers, and build stands which cost you based on which stadium you've chosen.

Just like in real football, the gate numbers will affect your spending power!

Jacamo Fantasy Football Game has a some fantastic prizes.

Go to Jacamo 2013/14 Fantasy Football and join our mini league:-

League Name: UKFantasyFootball
Our league password is: 'footy'

Jacamo Fantasy Football
Game Overview
The prizes include:

An Apple MacBook Pro

A Sonos Playbar Wireless Hi Fi Soundbar

An Apple iPad Mini 32GB

Several monthly prizes of a Kindle Fire tablet

An early registration Prize Draw for Bose SoundDock Digital Music System and an Apple iPad Mini 32GB (white)

The Jacamo Fantasy Football Game

Use your 175m budget to buy eleven players and four Substitutes in any one of the seven formations.

These players then score points based on their performances in Premier League throughout the 2013/14 season. Your goal is to finish as high up the league table as possible by scoring the highest number of fantasy football points.

Points are awarded for appearances, scoring goals, creating goals and keeping clean sheets. Points are deducted for yellow and red cards and for conceding goals.

You can make unlimited transfers right up until the first matches kick off at 3pm on Saturday, August 17 2013. Then there are 50 transfers to use during the season, with a maximum of five transfers during any month.

Join our mini league "UKFantasyFootball" in the Jacamo Fantasy Football Game. Password is 'footy'

We will of course be aiming to win the 'League of Leaugues' in this game so please do join!

UKFantasyFootball :
Pos.  Team   Mn. Pts.
Last Updated: 28/08/2013 16:23:47
1  Jacamoley XI 109 109
2  Born Toulouse 107 107
3  WeAreLeedsLeedsLeeds 102 102
4  Olivers select 11 100 100
5  jacawin 96 96
6  deaddogsmoking 95 95
7  JJ United 94 94
8  Fantastic Fussball 93 93
9  Red Army 93 93
10  Chris Yarrs Superstars 92 92
11  Cheap Dime Store Hoods 91 91
12  Ians Spitfires 88 88
13  Carefree FC 82 82
14  A.C. Rugged Man 80 80
15  Berties Allsorts 77 77
16  Pathetic Athletic 77 77
17  Barry St Germain 75 75
18  No More Heroes 75 75
19  whatamo 72 72
20  Fort Malborough 68 68
21  Victorious Secret 67 67
22  bangangabadi 64 64
23  UKFF Warriors 63 63
24  Hels Belles 60 60
25  Amberley FC 54 54
26  Bedwas Rovers FC 0 0
27  Cas Tigers 0 0

If you enjoyed our Tradepoint Fantasy Football mini league last year, this game is the one to play instead.

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