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Fantasy Football Facebook App

Fantasy Football Facebook App

Fantasy Premier League Facebook App


Citizen Sports Fantasy English Premier League is a Facebook App.

Although it appeared a bit later than the other EPL Fantasy Football games, because this is a Facebook app you should see the number of users grow very rapidly and recover lost ground.

This game truly a just for fun game, as the prizes are "virtual trophies".

We've included this game in our Fantasy Football Challenge competition.

You can sign up and enter the UK Fantasy Football Mini League here.

The Game

You have 150 million to spend on 2 Goal Keepers, 5 Defenders, 5 Midfielders and 3 Forwards.


+6 Scored Goal by Defender or Goalkeeper
+5 Scored Goal by a Midfielder
+4 Scored goal by a Forward
+4 Clean sheet by Defender or Goalkeeper (playing 60+ minutes)
+2 Clean sheet by a midfielder (playing 60+ minutes)
+2 Starting a game
+2 Assisting a goal (i.e. last pass)
+2 Clean sheet by Defender of Goalkeeper (playing less than 60 minutes)
+1 Coming on as a sub
+1 Clean sheet by a midfielder (playing less than 60 minutes)
+0.25 Save
-0.5 Conceded Goal by Defender of Goalkeeper
-2 Yellow card
-4 Missing a penalty
-5 Red card

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