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Fantasy League Classic 2012/13 Fantasy Football

Fantasy League Classic


Fantasy League Limited originated the fantasy football concept in 1991. Their current partners include The Sun, Skysports, ITV, William Hill, Absolute Radio, Liverpool, Chelsea, Standard Chartered, JP Morgan, Barclays, Mcdonalds, Deloitte and many more.

It's therefore not surprising to see such a good quality and well followed game like Fantasy League Classic 2012/13, with some good cash prizes. This is the showcase site for possibly the biggest name in fantasy football, and one of the best pay EPL 2012/13 Fantasy Football games.

Join our League:- UKFantasyFootball.Info (League PIN 24848)

EPL 2012/13 Fantasy League Prizes are :-
1st Place 10,000 Cash
2nd Place 1000 Cash
3rd Place 250 Cash
4th to 10th 100 Cash
11th to 20th 50 Cash
21st to 50th Free 10 entry Classic Team

The Game

In the Euro 2012 game you have 150 million to spend on a squad of 15 players, with no more than 2 players from any one country during the Group Stage, rising to four players from any one country before the first match of the Knock Out Stage. You can enter multiple teams.

Your formation needs to be one of:-

Select 11 players from your 15 to be your team. The remaining players will be on the sub bench. See the Fantasy League Classic website for details of how the transfer system works.


Fantasy League Classic has one of the simplest scoring systems, making it a very popular game for those who like statistics and probability.
3 points - Goal
2 points - Goal Assist
1 points - Appearance by defender or goalkeeper
3 points - Clean Sheet by Defender of Goalkeeper
-1 point - Goal Conceded

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You can set up friends and enemies leagues.

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